Manufacturing – Cosmetics

BXS2015138, Western Suburbs,
Price: $180,000
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  • Takings (p/w): $6,000
  • Rent: $500
  • Net Profit: $2,600


Manufacturer of fragrances, skin care, hair care and toiletries. – 100% of products are Australian made and owned. – Over 200 active products in the database. – The company also operates as a contract manufacturer for private labels.


Could export overseas.


Established since 1978. - Well known amongst major international cosmetic houses.


Manufacturing facility covering 340 sq. mts. with 30 sq. mts. of office space.


Situated in Western Suburbs.

Trading Hours

5 days - Mon. - Fri. - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


2 years lease commenced Sept. 2013 -Expires Sept .2015 + option to renew 1 year. - C.P.I. increases - Security bond of $7150.

Sale Reason



1 owner + 1 chemist + 3 casuals


Founded in 1978. - Well known name for true Australian manufacturer of quality skin care and hair care range. - Equipment value over 100k.

Additional Information

Weekly Takings: $6,000
Cost of Goods: $2,000
Gross Profit: $4,000
Rent: $500
Outgoings: NA
Wages: $600
Telephone: NA
Insurance: $15
Electricity: $25
Gas: $10
Miscellaneous 1: NA
Miscellaneous 2: NA
Total Expenses: $1,400
Net Profit: $2,600
Estimated Stock: $20,000
Equipment: $100,000
Annual Turnover: $312,000
Net Profit Margin: 43.3%
Return Of Investment: 1.3 year(s)
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