Takeaway – Sushi

Price: $329,000 For Sale
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  • Takings (p/w): $18,000
  • Rent: $2,932
  • Net Profit: $6,500


Takeaway selling Japanese cuisine including sushi pieces, hand made rolls, bento boxes, deep fried Japanese cuisine (eg spring rolls, fish cakes, mixed vegetables etc) and teriyaki related menu. – Most of the food is packed in plastic bowels or bento boxes. – No heavy cooking, – There are two food display counters – one cabinet selling sushi rolls and one cabinet with hot food takeaway packs .- 50 seats possible, current owner uses 20 seats. – Cool room in full commercial kitchen. serving variety of sushi rolls and hot food takeaway in a bento box or food container. such as donburi, chicke katsu, fried fish cakes, lunch boxes etc. spacious full kitchen, current owner put 20x seats(possible put 50seats available) Cool room


Current owner opens 5 days only, could extend opening hours on Saturday, Sunday and for late evening business. -Large office building with 3000 employees is under construction nearby. - Could change to restaurant.


Busy location. - Spacious, wide frontage- Liquor license obtained. - Well established.


This business has an area of 120 sq.mts.


Prime location in CBD on very busy main road.

Trading Hours

5 days - Mon. - Fri. - 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


5 year lease from August. 2016 - 3 months bond - 3% rent increases

Sale Reason

Opening another sushi shop


2 owners + 3 casuals


Summer season sales were $20,000 / 5 days - Winter season $18,000 / 5 days. - Sales records are available. - Best inspection time is after 3:30 p.m - Staff are not aware of sale - Miscell. 1 - rubbish collection and water.

Additional Information

Weekly Takings: $18,000
Cost of Goods: $6,000
Gross Profit: $12,000
Rent: $2,932
Outgoings: $14
Wages: $1,470
Telephone: NA
Insurance: NA
Electricity: $177
Gas: $54
Miscellaneous 1: $248
Miscellaneous 2: $605
Total Expenses: $5,500
Net Profit: $6,500
Estimated Stock: NA
Equipment: NA
Annual Turnover: $936,000
Net Profit Margin: 36.1%
Return Of Investment: 1.0 year(s)
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