About us

About our company

GBE (Global Business Exchange) represents an associated network of agencies and business brokers across Australia and soon – to be across the globe to facilitate local and global business opportunities.

Over the years, we have brokered transactions in a broad range of industries from franchising (replicable business concepts), manufacturing businesses, retail, e-commerce, food and beverage etc and we have also diversified into digital solution services to improve the way our clients work.

We can help our vendors to reach the qualified buyer quickly and guide our purchaser / investor every step of the way to find and purchase the ideal business opportunity. Are you looking to sell or purchase a business?




“Our vision is to be the leading global authority to guide our clients to buy or invest in the business opportunity of their choice.”


“Drastically reducing the ‘cost of change’ for the future of retail.”

Everyday mission

We strive to be the most customer centric company in our industry through our people, the values we shared and effective use of technology.


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